Thursday, January 24, 2013

10 Goals And New Community

Getting passion/core values and your vision is something I don't have a lot of experience with myself (because I had it sorted "presystem.") Something I DO have experience with (and lots of it) is goal writing. Daily goal writing.

The Goal of Goal Writing

I'll be honest with you. If you have a clear big or small vision, that can almost be goal enough if you have the drive and motivation to accomplish it. For a long time I told myself and people that I was going to go to China and learn Chinese. I never wrote it down as a "goal." It's what I was going to DO. I didn't know how, I didn't need to know how, it's all I thought about so any time I thought of something that might take me closer to that goal, I tried it. Anytime I saw or heard something that would (in my mind) bring me a little closer. I acted on it.

I didn't end up in China, but I did end up living in Taiwan for 5 years and learning Chinese. It wasn't done with the most style and grace but... it was done. :)

The goal of that story is to point out the goal of goal writing. It's to gain unwavering clarity in what you want to do so it stays on your mind and you get things done to take you closer to the result you want. That's it.

Don't Let Your Goals Fool You!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Start With The End In Mind (Vision)

Hopefully the last post helped you get your passions in order. Now we're going to use those to craft your "vision."

I have three exercises for crafting your dream life. They are:
  1. God / Richard Dawkins walks into your room.
  2. You win the lottery.
  3. Describe your perfect day.
Two and three are pretty self explanatory. One involves God (or Richard Dawkins if you prefer) walking into your room and telling that whatever you decided to do in life you wouldn't fail (Richard has hard science to prove this fact ;) ). The questions is, what would you do?

That's always been my favorite one as it gets me thinking about immediate things along with long term things, it also gets you to focus on things you would experience more than material things you might purchase if you won the lottery (although I recently read a spin on the lottery one that said you couldn't use the winnings to start a business, what business would you do, ie you don't have to worry about bills, etc.).

One thing that's nice about the lottery one is you may find out you want to live somewhere else and you'll be honest with yourself about the material things you want to buy. Describing the perfect day is a good one as well, but a lot of people may initially say to themselves "sitting around all day doing nothing!" That might initially be true, but that wouldn't last forever, try to see beyond that (that's just a reaction to being overly stressed with life).

The Important Thing About The Exercise

Thursday, January 10, 2013

God and Richard Dawkins Walk into a Bar...

What I had in mind is a series of video with various exercises for creating your vision for the future. After giving that some thought, I realized that one needs to find ones passions first. After giving THAT some thought, I realized that both things are something you should be constantly working on and evolving and they definitely don’t get 100% figured out with one exercise.

I also learned something about myself after taking the test found on (if you want to take the test without giving them your email address, this link should work). I want to be am a teacher. There are 3 things I want to teach.