Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Intro to Tribal Leadership

I originally read this book a few years ago, I'm rereading it in preparations of building this community. I've already learned a lot of things I will be applying in the next few weeks. If you want to check the book out for yourself, there's a free audio edition on the Zappos website. Otherwise you should probably be able to pick it up at a local bookstore, library or Amazon.com (that's what I did, snatched the Kindle version).

Here are a couple TEDTalks the author did:

Pwning Life: A Level 5 Tribe That Creates Level 5 Tribes

The general idea I have for the Pwning Life community is to create a large body of people working in the level 3-5 range that then break off into more specialized tribes. For example, the tribe I'd like to create (well... have created in a sense, the MilTownKlan) will be a vehicle to spread Daoism, Taichi and Pwning (among other things). Everyone couldn't or shouldn't want to be a part of that tribe. There is such a wide variety of things people could form tribes around (music, art, entrepreneurship, etc.)

Here are his 5 tribal stages:
  1. Despairing Hostility - "Life sucks"
  2. Apathetic Victim - "My life suck"
  3. Lone Warrior - "I'm great (and you're not)"
  4. Tribal Pride - "We're great (and they're not)"
  5. Innocent Wonderment - "Life is great"

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