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A few things. So (as you may know if you read the last post), I'm reading this book called "Tribal Leadership." I'm not done with it yet, but what's clear to me so far is that I want to focus on making this the Pwning Life community and not a story about what I'm going through and think (I'm going to move that to my personal blog).

Core Values

I titled this post Ubuntu because I think it should be a "core value" of pwning life. What does Ubuntu mean? You're probably better off checking out Wikipedia (there are multiple definitions there), but I'll give you my interpretation with a story.

Before I moved to Taiwan (in 2002) I was trying to figure out everything I should know about moving there. While searching around I found a discussion forum called Forumosa (here's a link to my profile, but you have to register to see it). I had messed with IRC and newsgroups for a while, but mostly as a lurker. This was the first time I got active somewhere and asked questions. I was ASTONISHED at the help and feedback I got.

I eventually got stumped by the Taiwanese Embassy in Chicago and went to Forumosa to ask how to get around the problem. Someone posted "It fucking doesn't! Go back and ask to speak to a manager," this was in response to the Visa officer telling me I needed a document certified. I went back, did what he told me and BOOM the next day I had my papers in order and was set to go!

I ended up spending a LOT of time on that forum, met a lot of cool people, started a "game club" (that's still going on even though I haven't been there for 5 years), got jobs, found apartments, macked bitches (not really lol.. I was married), etc. etc.

You got help and you helped others. Ubuntu.

Thank Dome For This Post

I already had Ubuntu on my mind then on Facebook today Dome posted this:

Boom! Don't know if that's a true story or not but I was like "Now I HAVE to write something." You can check Dome out at his blog.

What Core Values Do You Think Fit The Community?

Tribal Leadership listed two ways of coming up with values. One was through story telling (like I did above), the other was through asking someone a series of questions (which would be hard to do at this early stage). If you have a core value to share, throw it in the comments or even write your own blog post about it and throw the link in the comments. Would love to hear what you think!

This Is Just Funny To Me

I'm actually planning on using the Ubuntu OS when I setup a desktop computer. My laptop will be a Chromebook and the desktop will be Ubuntu (for editing videos).

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