Friday, December 7, 2012

You're My Top Priority!

If you can't see the video it's because it's still processing. I messed up the scheduling thing.

If you don't feel up to watching me talk for 11 minutes, here's the breakdown:
  • I'm in the middle of dealing with a manic episode.
  • Visited my doctor and got my medication adjusted (increased with the addition of a sleep aid.
  • I'm 100% focused on Pwning Life (both for myself and this blog/YouTube channel) going to treat it like a full-time job (I guess in a way... everyone should be treating it like a full-time job.)
  • Read Goals for the Blog to see what I want out of all this.
  • Levels will break up my larger vision (which I don't have a page for yet).
  • I'll explain active goals and values later.
  • Be sure to leave me feedback. Let me know what kind of information you like, what you don't like, what problems you're having with my system (once it's posted), etc.

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